The uncontested primary canvas for poetry has remained ever the Blank White
Page. Idealism is an attractive flower presents poetry written on a new kind of
canvas. Oneida Morningstar Cramer's new book contains a collection of
"photopoems," which are integrated mixed-media works made up of original poetry
layered over original photographs.

The collection of 87 works has been called a "stunning book" by Book Reader's
Heaven, "a delight and wonder to simply browse through... extraordinary" by the Midwest
Book Review, "a completely unique experience for the reader" by Susan Barton of eBook
Review Gal, and "the next step in poetry's ongoing reinvention" by the
Readers+Writers Journal.

The hardcover volume, gorgeously immersed in rich colors throughout, is a coffee
table book size, but compact enough to fit conveniently on the shelf and in the
hands. For aficionados of photography or literature, or for those who simply
appreciate an attractive and interesting item, this book makes for a
well-chosen purchase.